The Bones of This Land

The Bones of This Land is available for purchase!

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The first full length publication by author Kat Heatherington. This collection won the Swimming with Elephants Publications Chapbook Competition of 2017.

“The Bones of this Land is an exquisite collection of poetry and craft at its apex. Heatherington is an expert at subtle but powerful verse. Her words read like a whisper but resonate like a bomb. Here is a book that will leave you satiated, but curiously enough, hungry for more. ” Jessica Helen Lopez, author of Always Messing With Them Boys, cunt. bomb., Language of Bleeding and a recipient of the Zia Book Award

i am so proud of this tiny powerful book.

if you buy it, please consider leaving a review on amazon or goodreads! reviews do a world of good in helping books sell. thank you! i hope you like it!

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