sometimes a particle

“…light sometimes acts as a wave, and sometimes a particle…

“The observer is not a passive player in the observation of natural phenomena. If light behaves as either a particle or a wave depending on how we set up the experiment, then we cannot separate the observer from what is being observed… The idea of an objective reality, existing independently of the observer, is lost.”

–from: The Dancing Universe: From Creation Myths to the Big Bang, by Marcelo Gleiser



Kat Heatherington is a poet, artist & ecofeminist pagan, who lives in Sunflower River River intentional community outside of Albuquerque. My work deals with the interstices of nature & human relationships, and the organic realities of farm life. I have recently been published in Malpais Review, Conceptions Southwest, The InnerConnexion, Mas Tequila Review, Venus Envy, Femme Dreamboat, and the Harwood Anthology. I also have 11 self-published chapbooks, available for sale on this site.

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I have several self-published chapbooks (zines, more or less, which keeps them easy and affordable). They are available for $5-7 each plus shipping directly from me here.

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