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I’m delighted to announce that I’ve had some work accepted for publication recently. The newly formed Erotix Literary Journal of Somatics includes four of my pieces: “sluice,” “the silence shapes the rhythm,” “flame to ash,” and “when you fall.” Three of these were written at or in response to Body Trust workshops; the other is a love poem, but it fits. I’ll let you sort out which ones are which.

The editor, Zaedryn Meade, describes the work in the journal as, “works focused on describing transformative experiences and methods through erotic embodiment explorations.” This journal is print-only — for a more somatic reading experience. Buy yours today!


And, Sky Island Journal will be publishing my poem “permeable” in the fall issue! it comes out October 20th, and you can read it there then!

The editors included in their acceptance letter this wonderful review of the poem:

“Permeable” is an intimate, yet wildly accessible, journey through the interior and exterior landscapes that are close to our hearts. The emotional and intellectual transport it provides is nothing short astonishing. Vivid imagery saturates our perfectly paced experience. Your craft is tight and elegant. Like all great art, “Permeable” is a gift that keeps giving; we discover more about it, and ourselves, with every reading. We are beyond excited to share it with the world.

I am so delighted and touched by this praise! I hope very much you will seek out copies of these works and enjoy them!

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