“Kat’s poems are posted on the community bulletin board at the corner of nature and relationships, just past the point where you stand on your tiptoes and feel the stretch in your heart.” –Alan Post

Now available!  The Bones of This Land, published by Swimming with Elephants Publications, October 2017

You can also order The Bones of This Land on amazon.com.

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An Edge Made For Embracing
poems by Kat Heatherington
art by Alex Ross-Raymond
December 2013 $7
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A Rain of Apples
poems by Kat Heatherington
autumn 2011 $5
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Near Enough to Kiss
a collection of erotic poetry & art
by Erin Daughtrey & Kat Heatherington
2011 $7
limited edition; ONLY 2 LEFT IN STOCK
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A House by the River
poems by Kat Heatherington
2009 $5
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Ready to be Eaten
poems by Kat Heatherington
2006 $5
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And its companion volume, Reach for the Well
poems by Kat Heatherington
2006 $5
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Set of Two:
Ready to be Eaten & Reach for the Well, $8: [wp_paypal button=”cart” name=”Ready and Reach set” amount=”8.00″ shipping=”3.00″]



If Heat Is Motion
poems by Kat Heatherington
2004 $5
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Sometimes A Particle
poems by Kat Heatherington



Comfortable Shoes
poems by Kat Heatherington
2002 $5
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earth my body

Earth My Body
poems by Kat Heatherington
January 2000 $5
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