Out In Print reviews “The Bones of This Land”

Out in Print published a review of my book! Here’s an excerpt:

Divided into two sections, “Everyone’s Father Dies of Something” and “Desert Solitaire,” the intent of this chapbook is clear from the outset. This will be about death, grief, and the aftermath of both. “This Aching Echo” lays out the specifics: you were fifteen when the doctors/cracked your father open like a broken heart,/declared him inoperable,/gave him six months, and stopped caring. The language is plain and all the more meaningful for it. What struck me more, however, were the life lessons learned in the reminiscences, the childhood scenes of “Reading Together,” for example–a beautiful piece that parallels the act of reading with her father as a child and then again at his deathbed. […] The Bones of This Land is a remarkable tribute, filled with longing, regret, and elegiacal beauty.

You can read the full review here.

You can purchase your copy directly from the author at yarrow@sunflowerriver.org, from the UNM Bookstore if you are in Albuquerque, or online at amazon.com (print and Kindle editions available!)

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