new review of “The Bones of This Land”

Lisa Gill writes,

Turn these pages and “the barrel jumps/ in your hand and the stock / kicks your shoulder.” Inside The Bones of This Land, you’ll find a love taut as cells on the brink of dividing. Whether cancer, death, compassion or even affection rips humans apart, we’re all gonna get there. As Heatherington writes, “Everyone’s father dies of something.” These poems share one woman’s journey and let each of us decide how we feel –and perhaps even see what we missed out on. Kudos.

You can get your copy here — and if you get a copy, don’t forget to leave a review on amazon! i learned recently that if something listed on Amazon gets 50 or more reviews, it will show up in the “also bought” reccomendations. let’s try to make that happen! thanks!

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