letter home

garden catalog came today.
we planted peas this week
in the windy sunshine,
kale & carrots.
put in the spring poultry order–
47 chickens and 20
heritage turkeys,
lean & dark & juicy,
shipped in a raucous box next week.
evenings are cold, still,
and the wind is high.
the weather service says sunshine,
but the locals expect another snow.
apricots are blooming anyway,
and cherries.
we didn’t get the goat pens done–
maybe summer. the dog
misses the young company
of our last farmhand,
but more help is on the way.
moved logs last weekend,
built shelves, shoveled manure
for the garden.
summer’s a little closer every day.
and me?
i’m writing love poems again.
good ones, too–
and not all about this farm.
the apricots have the right of it.
snow next week doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t bloom today.

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