i believe

i believe in compassion whose wisdom rises like
the swell of the ocean,
cresting and filling all that it touches,
till a body aches with salty fulfillment

i believe that love and compassion
are wise, and we need them every day.
i believe that the more i move from compassion, from love,
the closer i am to god

i belive sex is a key to personal divinity

i believe that letting go is the only way to hold on,
but this seldom prevents me
from clutching too tight

i believe that “fake it till you make it” is a good path to self-change

i believe that people will live up to high expectations,
if you communicate them,
and lock the car doors anyway

i believe that unspoken expectations
are a set-up for resentment and disappointment.
i belive there is not enough time in this life
to waste it in being unhappy

I believe that love is not enough.
what is enough, is complex, individual,
and changes all the time

i believe most hard work is worth doing, and doing well

i believe in the power of art to transform, to heal,
and to make every day that much better
i believe music, art and ritual are alike in this

i believe that when things flow with ease and grace,
they are absolutely right,
but when things are hard,
that does not mean that they are not also right

i believe in loving what you do

i believe that life is a river and
there’s never any “one right” anything

i believe in getting it all out,
but not necessarily putting it up for processing

i believe in being as fair as you can,
and letting fate decide the rest

i believe in taking the time to watch the sunset, and the stars

i believe i will never be wholly fulfilled
by any relationship

i believe in balance, deep breaths, and metaphor

i believe in good boundaries,
and saying yes
only when you really mean it

i believe the book is always better than the movie

i believe in woodstoves, solar power, and organic gardening

i believe in the power of positive thinking,
right up to the point it hits
scientific fact

i believe firmly in a both/and universe,
in having it all, and saying yes
to everything that feels good and right and necessary

i believe nothing in life is sweeter
than falling in love
and so i do this often

i believe in lime popsicles on hot summer days,
when sweat runs down the back of your neck

i belive in your teeth at the back of my neck

i believe in letting your eyes
adapt to the dark, instead
of turning on a light

i believe we all arrive at our own truths,
and they are different and real
and sometimes they change

i believe that roots are as important as wings,
and that we need both
to not drown.

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