edges burn more readily

edges burn more readily than centers.
setting an edge alight is a simple matter,
though putting it out again may not be,
if it is inclined towards fire,
incendiary, interested in burning.
the center doesn’t light so well
unless you reach it through the edge,
take the slow route in, open its defenses.
only water will put the center out, once alight.
anything else just picks up the blaze,
amplifies, and burns.
you came pretty close to the center,
smouldering your way in from my furthest edge,
taking a lazy course through the perimeter,
tossing sparks, circling my periphery,
until suddenly, you had arrived
in the flammable heart,
and everything around you ignited.
suprised, you could only
watch it burn, turning in slow circles,
observing, unable
to reach your hands out toward the flame.

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