Book Contract!

Swimming with Elephants Publications had a chapbook competition this summer. I spent the last weeks of May working my tail off to send in a manuscript. Winners were announced last weekend at the Power to the People Poetry Slam, which included a performance by the Abq Slam Team. I’ve been increasingly nervous as my book made it into the finalists lists, one after another, over the course of July.

I also hadn’t attended a slam in many years. The Abq Slam Team, who are heading to Nationals this month, were truly amazing, performing several powerful, dynamic, affective group pieces, finely crafted, on potent topics. I am so glad the SwEP contest got us out to experience this work! As a friend put it, we were in church.

and my book, The Bones of This Land, won first place! it will be published this fall by Swimming With Elephants Press. It will be a smallish volume, around 40 pages. I will keep you all posted on the details as they emerge! I am so excited!

here’s a video of the contest winner annoucement.

The Bones of This Land

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